Should you wear a wig????At Allure Paris we believe wearing a wig may become a fashion adventure you will never want to stop! That's why we've created an official wig buyers guide to help you feel more confident before purchasing your wig.Allure Paris has the perfect tips to help you choose the wig that's right for you.If you are wondering whether or not to wear a wig, start by choosing one with a style that becomes you and you might want to try it on privately at first.While it can be exciting to try out a new hairdo there are some things you should know to help you choose the perfect size, style, and color. Plus, learn how to put on a wig, explore cap constructions, and the differences between human hair and synthetic wigs.

How to find the right size?

Your perfect wig begins with finding the right fit for your head. Many wigs come standard size with adjustable straps in the back to help tighten or loosen the cap on your head. For those who would like to custom order a wig there are three measurements that need to be taken of your head: the circumference, ear to ear and front to back. An average cap size is about 21.5" circumference, 13.5" ear to ear and 14.25" front to back. Sizes may vary slightly depending on brand.

Understanding the difference in caps

What do I need to know about the differences in cap construction?Although a cap is the part no one other than you can see, it is important to be knowledgeable in the way they are constructed. Some examples of cap constructions are called: lace front, hand tied, monofilament …..these caps are created by different fabrics/lace material. There are several ways to create wigs,depending on the vendor or manufactures some may be called differently but use the same constructing techniques. Its best to discuss with a wig specialist which cap construction will make you feel most comfortable.

How to select a style

Pay particular attention to the shape of your face, as well as your skin tone. As with natural hair, some haircuts/styles do not work well with certain facial shapes. For example if you have a round or wide face you should opt for styles which elongate the face (lengthy styles gently frame the face). For those with heavy jawlines, choose styles which draw the eye upward, providing volume. Oval shaped faces have it easy as this shape is complimented by many different styles.

Keep in mind, wearing wigs with similar color, texture, and length but varying different styles will have an appearance that you are just simply changing the style of your natural hair.

How to choose a color?

To help ease the transition into wearing wigs, stay close to your current natural hair color. Before making your color choice, know that there are between 20-30 different colors for wigs.

They range from subtle natural tones to striking salon inspired shades. Each brand has a slightly different color pallet so we recommend you ask to see their color ring before choosing a color. As much as its fun having a new change, if you decide to choose a drastically different wig color, consider dyeing your eyebrows in the same shade as the wig.

There are no fixed rules so go with what makes you feel most comfortable because that will give you confidence and confidence is the key to making your wig look most natural.

How to put on a wig?

Wigs are easy to apply; they should fit comfortably and securely after choosing the right size. If you have long hair part 2 sections at the nate (back neck area), cross one part over the other and pin down. Apply a wig cap to create a smooth surface. If you have short hair you may pull your hair back or wear a wig cap before putting on your wig. Slip on the wig from the front to the back gently pulling it by the nate. The ear tabs should be evenly placed above your ear and bent towards your face to conceal your own hairline. Add a little finger styling and you're ready. 

The difference between Human Hair and Synthetic Wigs

Human hair or synthetic - which one is right for me?

Before looking into the relevant advantages between Human or Synthetic wigs, the one very important difference that cannot be stressed enough is HEAT! Synthetic wigs do not work well with heat; whether it's just the regular sunny day outside or a holiday bbq with your family and friends. All heat sources can damage the fibers of a synthetic wig. Including hair irons, curling irons, blow dryers, ect.

Since you are limited on styling your synthetic wig, these wigs do not take much to maintain. You simply pull it out of the box, give it a fluffy shake and its ready to go. A good quality synthetic wig can last anywhere from 6-8 months.

Human hair wigs is the closest natural look you will get to your own hair. You should maintain your wig just as you would your own hair; shampooing, conditioning and styling. Human hair wigs have much styling flexibility as your own hair giving you many options for different looks. Most Human hair wigs can be colored, bleached and permed. It's best to consult with a wig specialist and not just a stylist from a hair salon because most human hair wigs have been colored or bleached with a carbonized coloring technique that may not be compatible with common coloring products. If something goes wrong, this can be costly to your wig investment. Human hair wigs are longer lasting wigs and can last anywhere from 3-5 years.

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