Keratin Treatment

Brazilian Keratin hair treatment has approached the 21st century with a revolutionary hair treatment which repairs damaged hair leaving it shiny, soft, and frizz free for an extended period of about 4 months.
Our  Brazilian Keratin hair treatment center can have you in with curly hair and out with straight hair within 3 hours. Your friends will be amazed at the results and you will leave with a smile from ear to ear!
The specialized Brazilian Keratin hair treatment used in our South Florida hair salon locations can be used with all type of hairs such as dyed hair, highlighted hair, and even severely damaged hair. The Brazilian Keratin Hair treatment is recommended to be repeated approximately every 3-4 months and is harmless to your hair. OurBrazilian Keratin treatment center can even apply the Keratin hair treatment to children and it will naturally blend with your current growth of hair.

Many hair straightening products use strong chemicals in order to open and close the hair cuticle which ultimately leads to hair straightening. This process can harm you hair and is not healthy for long term hair growth. Our Brazilian Keratin hair treatment uses natural formula which comprises nearly 90% of your hair. The process is basic as the Brazilian Keratin hair treatment will penetrate deep into the hair particles repairing the current internal damage and will coat your hair protecting it in order to prevent any further damage. This will ultimately leave your hair shining as it will be straighter than you could ever imagine.
The scientific method behind the Brazilian Keratin hair treatment method is done specifically for outstanding, long lasting results. The Keratin hair treatment specialist will first apply a shampoo specially designed to open the cuticle as the product is introduced to your hair. The hair stylist will then blow dry followed by hair ironing to sections of the hair nearest to the scalp. The final procedure will be to flat iron the entire head in order to seal the Keratin treatment to the hair cuticle.

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