10 Wedding Hairstyles for Brides With Long Hair  

If you are getting married or plan on getting married soon, you probably want to have long hair. Why do most brides prefer having long hair for the weddings? The options are limitless when you have long hair, and you can do almost anything with your hair! Before you decide on your hairstyle, take a look at ten different unique and creative wedding hairstylesfor brides with long hair.

Wedding HairstylesCascading Curls

The cascading curls hairstyle is not the same as a standard side swept updo; most of the curls are pinned up with the rest of the curls left cascading down one of the shoulders so you can show the length.

Sleek Updo

The sleek updo is the epitome of class. The hair is swept away from the face and pinned to the center of the back of your head in a very sleek shape.

Vintage Curls

The vintage curls hairstyle is a creative twist on the traditional down and curled bridal hair. This hairstyle uses finger waves and pin curls that are brushed out, creating a fabulous and timeless curl. The vintage curls is a classic of wedding hairstyles .

Wedding HairstylesHalf Up

In the half up hairstyle, the hair is curled and halfway pinned up in many barrel curls at the back of the head. The sides are swept away from the face.

Twisted Chignon

This particular chignon, the twisted chignon, has a twist braid in the front that twists to the back of the head and ends with a low side chignon over on the opposite side.

Braided Updo

The braided updo is like the traditional updo with a slight update of a braid going over the top but at the back of the head.

Side Ponytail 

Wedding HairstylesTo achieve a side ponytail, the hair is curled and then twisted pinned to a lower side ponytail; pin curls attain on top of it.

Soft Curly Updo

A soft curly updo includes hair that is curled tightly and then brushed out and softened to achieve an airy look. The resulting airy curls are pinned at the back of the neck.

Waterfall Twist

The waterfall twist is basically an all down style with a little “twist”. The sides are twisted to the middle, at the back of the head, and then tied together with hair.Wedding Hairstyles

Vintage Updo

The vintage updo is a low and sleek bun at the back of the head, dressed up with some vintage pin curls that come down each of the sides. This is another classic hairstyle for wedding hairstyles .

Wedding HairstylesWhichever one of the mentioned wedding hairstyles you like, you are sure to impress on your wedding day with any of the styles. To achieve the look that you want, come to Allure Hair Salon and we can help you achieve that look that you want for your wedding. If you would like some other ideas, do not hesitate to give us a call or come in; we will let you know what we can do for you.

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