Fashion Hair Color 2016

Hair color The summer season is upon us and with a new season, comes the need for a new hair color. The craze nowadays is unique hair colors like purple, red, pink blue, etc. At Allure Hair Salon, we offer the expertise of experienced hairdressers with top of the line products. One of these products is Goldwell Elumen color line, a high-end product that not only colors your hair but also treats your hair. To achieve a new fashion hair color, you may need to lift your hair sometimes, which can be harmful to your hair. The Blond Studio ammonia free bleach by L’Oréal gets you the results you are looking for without damaging your hair. How can these products help you achieve that summer fashion hair color you have been looking for? Here is some information about the products.

Goldwell Elumen Hair Color

Elumen is a high-end product that derives from the word illuminate, as in the hair illuminates intensively, from inside out, with the use of this product. With Elumen, you will see exceptional shine, incredible durability, brilliant color, and healthy looking hair, all from one product. Elumen will give you up to 37% shinier hair compared to demi-permanent hair colors. Elumen is non-oxidative, ammonia-free, and gentle on the hair so you know you are not damaging your hair. Elumen gives you the possibility of having any hair color you want without harming your hair. Allure Hair Salon has a lot of experience with this product so you know that you will always get the best possible results.

L’Oréal Blond Studio-Ammonia-Free Bleach Hair color

With L’Oréal’s Blond Studio ammonia-free bleach, you can get the lift you have always wanted without damaging your hair. With this product, you can have up to seven levels of lift without any hair damaging ammonia. This product is enriched with white beeswax and nutricerides so you can have a clean and pure blonde hair color while protecting the look and feel of your hair. White beeswax helps to soften and smooth the hair fiber and maintain lipid levels on the surface of the hair. Nutricerides are used to nourish and strengthen cuticles. The professionals atAllure Hair Salon have all the necessary tools and expertise to give you the perfect results with this product.

Preparing Your Hair for the Summer

Hair colorThe important thing to remember about these products is that they can give you the fashion hair color that you are looking for, for the upcoming summer season. Whether you will be using Goldwell Elumen hair colors L’Oréal Blond Studio ammonia-free bleach, Allure Hair Salon can give you the results that you want to see. Both products are high-end products and will surely give you the results you want without damaging your hair. Give us a call for more information about these products, trendy hair colors for the summer, and how we can help you achieve your perfect look.

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