Hair Extensions Care and Maintenance 18 April 2016, 20:36 PM

  Hair Extensions Care

Hair-Extensions-MaintenanceMany women use hair extensions. Hair extensions can give your face a lift, boost you confidence and help you feel great an entire day. Just like makeup, hair extensions can be super fun and a great investment when you decide to purchase your first hair extension. One thing that is very critical after you buy your first hair extensions is hair extensions care. If you want hair extensions that look beautiful for a long time and still look great in your hair, you have to learn proper hair extensions care. That way your investment lasts a long time and you can use your hair for as long as possible.

Why Hair Extensions Maintenance?

If you do not provide proper hair extensions maintenance, you can damage your own hair and your hair extension. When you buy your new hair, payhair-extensionsattention to the hair extensions care instructions on your package and follow them. They are there for a reason, and you wouldn’t want that you spent $100 plus on an item that doesn’t last longer than a single wear. Proper care for your hair extensions includes daily brushing, hydration and the use of natural products that avoid drying out the chemicals in the hair. The same way you would care for your hair, care for your hair extensions as well.

Washing your extensions is important but even more so when the extensions are human hair extensions. For those extensions, use shampoo that is only sulfate or paraben-free shampoo. It is also a good idea to keep your extension away from salt or chlorinated water but if you have to jump in that pool or into the ocean with friends than purchase shampoo that dechlorinates to clarify your hair and to eliminate any funky chlorine odor.

Another serious point regarding hair extensions maintenance is that you should not pull or tug on your hair extensions and do not go to sleep with wet extensions, dry your hair and care for it before you sleep or schedule your hair care earlier in the day.

Hair Extensions Maintenance for Synthetic hair

Hair-Extensions-Care Hair extensions care for synthetic hair can be a little different because synthetic hair becomes dull so fast. While some synthetic hair can tolerate heat, you must always be careful to read the instructions and take note that the heat you provide to your hair won’t melt the hair. If you want to get rid of the dullness, use shampoo for synthetic hair to keep your hair looking well for a long time.

Hair extensions care and hair extensions maintenance is so important for keeping your extensions in its best shape. For all of your hair extensions care questions, contact Allure Hair Salon, and the professionals there will answer any and all questions and help your hair at its prettiest.

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