Salon Color vs Store Box Brand 18 September 2014, 18:04 PM

If you want to add color to your hair, there are a few ways to accomplish the look. Stores sell hair colors in boxes, but these have many disadvantages. When you go to a hair color specialist at a salon, you will receive the proper care for your hair so that you get the perfect color while keeping the hair healthy.

Store Box Brands

If you decide to get a hair color in a box, you should know of some of the potential damages that could be done to your hair. Most of these products have multiple chemicals in them that will dry out the hair, especially on the ends. Just because you see a color on the box doesn’t mean that it’s the color you will get on your hair. Box brands use an overall pigment that will get the job done, but it won’t be customized for your looks like you would get with a color specialist. Some boxes state that the color will wash out in a few shampoos. You might wash and wash your hair only to have it a little lighter than it originally was, meaning you will have to wait until your hair grows for the color to start to go away.

Salon Color

When you make the decision to get your hair colored by a salon stylist, you will know the person has experience in coloring hair and that the color is customized for your skin tones and natural beauty. The color used by a professional is much healthier, and it won’t dry or break the hair like box colors would. A stylist will use products that are easier to remove if you want to change the color later on where, as box colors tend to stay on the hair longer and don’t come out the shade that you want. Our single process hair coloring starts at $40, making it an investment in a beautiful head of hair that you will love.

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